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Component traceability and accuracy in different consumption modes – Part 1

Inventory Accuracy and TraceabilityManufacturers often struggle when balancing between how much detailed traceability data they need and the cost of collecting that data. In particular, inventory consumption and genealogy data can be challenging in a high pace production environment. In this context, we would like to compare and contrast two ways of tracking inventory in production:

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Six reasons why MOM should manage your inventory

LEAN Inventory ManagementManufacturing Operations Management (MOM) projects typically start from production processes.  Once the initial scope is implemented; extensions are evaluated to increase the ROI of the solution. Inventory management is often the low hanging fruit. Below you can find an explanation as to why it might make sense to let MOM manage your inventory.

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Innovation means leaving the comfort zone

comfort_zoneImagine yourself in this predicament. Since finishing university over a dozen years ago, you’ve worked for the same software company. All your professional experience is tied to this one company, as are the strong bonds you’ve formed with your colleagues by overcoming seriously demanding projects.
But from time to time, you wonder what life would be outside of this company and what other options are out there?

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