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About Tomasz Gesiarz

Tomasz Gesiarz is responsible for solution design at Andea. His responsibilities include creating both functional and technical designs based on identified requirements and customer needs. Tomasz started his journey with MES over ten years ago at PolSource where he was a Apriso consultant. He has participated in several complex MES implementations, which provided him with an opportunity to acquire unique manufacturing solutions knowledge. Customers often praise Tomasz for being approachable, straightforward, organized, reliable and knowledgeable. Tomasz has graduated from Czestochowa University of Technology where he received his MSc in Software Engineering and Computer Systems.

The Benefits of Implementing Electronic Work Instructions in MES

Electronic InstructionsWork Instruction is a document that describes in detail the steps that need to be taken in order to complete a specific task. They can be made available as printed or electronic documents. Nowadays, more and more manufacturers want to simplify and improve the process of managing and sharing work instructions. These companies also want to increase the usability of their work instructions. This approach is especially important for companies with a large number of varying tasks and frequently changing processes. Continue reading