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Pawel Koralewicz is responsible for designing and delivering solutions at Andea. He has 13 years of professional experience including five years at Apriso, where he worked with FlexNet. He is experienced in Manufacturing and Logistics Execution Systems - leading full project cycles starting from design through development, tests, go-live and multi-site rollouts. He was also working for a Tier 1 automotive manufacturer where he gained a good understanding of the business, which is important when translating customer needs into software solutions. Pawel is also known to be an enthusiastic person, always open to discuss and exchange ideas. He likes to share his knowledge and help other team members. Pawel has graduated from Cracow University of Technology where he received his MSc in Electrotechnics and Control Engineering.

Component traceability and accuracy in different consumption modes – part 2

Inventory Accuracy and Traceability

As explained in Part 1 of this blog, there are pros and cons of direct issue and backflush consumption methods supported by ERP systems. Accuracy of component traceability and inventory levels are often the main decision factors when choosing which method should be used.

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Component traceability and accuracy in different consumption modes – Part 1

Inventory Accuracy and TraceabilityManufacturers often struggle when balancing between how much detailed traceability data they need and the cost of collecting that data. In particular, inventory consumption and genealogy data can be challenging in a high pace production environment. In this context, we would like to compare and contrast two ways of tracking inventory in production:

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